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Admission?to the Master of Counselling degree program in?Alberta?requires the successful completion of a 4 year undergraduate degree from a recognized post-secondary institution.???Candidates for the Master of Counselling program must have completed?undergraduate coursework showing the fundamental knowledge in each of?the areas?of?Learning and?Human Development plus coursework in either Personality or Counselling?Theories.? These fundamentals may be covered in any combination/number of courses.? For example, if you took one course that included the topics of Learning and?Human?Development?and one course that included Counselling theories, you have probably met this requirement with these two courses.? A grade of a ā€œCā€ or higher is required for?any course to qualify.

The eligibility?or prior course work is determined based?upon a review of?your official transcripts. In cases in which the prerequisites are clearly addressed through prior undergraduate education, your application will be considered for admittance to the Master of Counseling program.

If prerequisites cannot be clearly determined, students will need to prove the direct equivalency of the course through syllabi in terms of content, duration, level and credit value.? A determination about pre-requisites must precede final admission to the program.

If it is determined that your prior coursework does not meet the prerequisite fundamental knowledge, you may be granted?conditional acceptance to the?Master of Counseling program?pending completion of the required prerequisite(s).? In this case, you would need to successfully complete the necessary coursework and submit an official transcript indicating your grade PRIOR to starting the Master of Counseling program.

You may request a review of your prior course work before you officially apply to the Master of Counselling program by completing?this form?and sending it, along with an unofficial copy of your transcripts, to?

?Additionally, in the instance an applicant has no related counselling experience, a minimum of 50 hours of volunteer service is required.